In this competitive world it is very important to train the children in such a way that they are not left behind. Study shows that with pre-school training, children show much developed skills of learning when they enter kindergarten. If a child is being read to at home, visits museums, learns how to play a game and reads along someone then it is more likely that his/her learning abilities are polished and ready for kindergarten .Our  Pre-school is a planned program for children before they start their formal education. It deals with the learning ability of a child. Children are trained in such a way that their learning abilities are enhanced. Specified techniques are used to improve the language skills and analytical skills. it also has a positive effect on the behavioral aspect of a child’s personality.


Starting preschool is a significant step in the life of a child and their family. Playgroup is the first place that children interact with adults and other children of their age on their own for the first time. They start their lifelong journey of learning and making friends !

We at THE LEARNING CURVE understand this and our curriculum encourages children not just to learn alphabets count and write, but to learn how to find out, how to communicate effectively with others, to reflect upon their own learning, and to work and play with others. We know the importance of ensuring that children develop a healthy and positive self–esteem, a positive attitude toward learning, being actively engaged in their learning, and knowing how to find out and solve problems.

At Playgroup children spend a large part of their day singing rhymes, doing fun project work as well as learning concept by listening to stories. We have the Playgroup schedule that has adequate time for free play and directed activity. In our playgroup we always remember we are engaging with kids – a true kids playschool.

In Pre-Nursery, Kids are engaged in fun-filled activities which will combine problem-solving activities and communication building. Children are encouraged to corroborate their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of dramatics, science, and arts.


Nursery children

interact more and more with their peers, they practice their Language and Social skills through make-believe games for which they have ample time. They learn to play table games such as puzzles, board games and are introduced to the concept of taking turns and sharing. As in Playgroup Language Development, Math, Letter and phonics, Music and Movement and Physical Experience make an integral part of the curriculum for Nursery.

Language Development

Main emphasis of Theme/Story is Language development and is linked to the world around us and self to the social environment. Science focuses on the learning of earth and its environment. Numerous stories, rhymes, songs, and dramatic play based on themes will enhance your childs learning. Some of the concepts that they will learn in the year are People around us, Animals, Bugs, Seasons, Transport, and Values etc.


Math is reinforced by number-recognition toys and games. Children continue to enhance their learning with literature that builds math concepts. For instance they read books like A Pair of Socks to recognize the concept of same and different followed with an activity to make a pair of a tray of mixed up socks. This activity helps them learn as well as have load of fun. Experiences like this as well for math manipulative are built-in wherever possible. All this helps integrate children’s learning. Children continue to do finger rhymes so they understand the numbers recognise them and can enjoy their journey into the numbers world. They will learn to rote count till 20, and count 10 /15 objects learn shapes, colours , same different, tall short, patterns, before and after and many more concepts.

Active Learning

In Active Learning and Free Expressions they are exposed to Art materials (clay, crayons, markers, paints, collage materials) a creative favourite of most children in this age group. Our teachers will encourage them to express themselves through drawings and art and craft activities, as a precursor to writing.

Music And Movement

Music and Movement is an essential part of the curriculum which includes finger rhymes, chants, songs and even playing musical instruments. Our Music and Movement curriculum will help children learn and gain gradual mastery in the musical elements through the movements and songs.



In Kindergarten children have longer attention spans and are be able to sit for longer periods of time. They also have more developed social skills. If they have gone through our Playgroup/Nursery years they will be more confident in using English. Our curriculum helps create eager learners looking at expanding their imagination. They will begin to experience themes and activities that seek to broaden their horizons. Our learning days will ensure they get a chance to converse and connect with peers and adults with confidence. Also get an opportunity to be able to read Level 1 and 2 reader simple books

In Kindergarten too we follow the Hellokidz teaching methodology which has been endorsed by researchers for over 25 years; namely that learning to read and spell is a process that works best when all aspects of a child’s intelligence are involved.

Hello Kidz – Phonics And Language Development

Children make an early acquaintance with all the a –z sounds and shapes in the first few months if in K1 ( JK) and in the first few weeks in K 2 ( SK). We work on the principle that more you revise the sounds stronger the base of phonemic awareness. In the kindergarten children move to word building – learn to read and write simple words – in K 1 they learn to string three letter words and learn word families of vowels a e i o u like -at, -an , -am as well -up, -up -um. In K 2 (SK ) they move on to sounds formed because of consonant blends and diagraphs with fun stories and activities.

They will learn

  1. Recognition and writing a-z, A –Z capitals
  2. Letter sounds – with an emphasis on beginning sounds
  3. Vowels and their importance
  4. Word Building – 3 letter words ( ability to read and write will be the focus)
  5. Blends and Diagraphs.
  6. Sight words( ability to read and write will be the focus)
  7. Read simple books

Hello Kidz Emphasizes Phonic Skills, Whole Word Recognition, Development of reading and spelling, Sentence awareness, Reading & Comprehension and Creative Writing.


We often hear the phrase “children are naturally scientists”. How do we guide their journey of discovery?  We describe with words, we read stories, of course, and show pictures, and sing songs. We also focus on observation  – Watching the leaves fluttering on the trees, investigate toys and model, Crawling or walking over and around objects, carrying objects, eating, stacking, filling up and dumping, picking up heavy objects, Construction or doing Building ‘houses’ or other structures in play planting  seeds, Early Science emphasizes things around us plants, animals and natural world and phenomenon. They will learn

  1. Seasons and Weather
  2. Types of animals found in different habitats
  3. Vertebrates and Invertebrates
  4. Solar System
  5. Our World
  6. Life cycle of Animals like Butterfly , Frog
  7. Our Body
  8. Our Food and Keeping Healthy