Our Focus

  • Fun-Filled Problem solving
  • Socializing Skills
  • A chance to Enhance Motor Skills
  • Perception Discernment Skills
  • Language Skills

Learning and development of children takes place in totality. All the domains of development i.e. physical, motor, cognitive, language, socio-personal, emotional and creative and aesthetic appreciation are interrelated and take place simultaneously.

The theme based curriculum of Hello kidz enables young children to relate to the real world based on what is experienced in class. Events, field trips, competitions, craft activities, music and dance are tied in to connect with the theme so that concepts are explored and reinforced for new vocabulary and concepts, which their eager minds seek.

We use both the Play way and Montessori methods of facilitation to achieve this goal.


We have identified a few factors that all preschools have to address in order to maximize the child’s potential.
Child-centric CurriculumA curriculum that is mapped to the individual learning needs of a child, covering all the essential areas of development.

Child Evalutaion Evaluating the child’s progress through periodic assessment of all areas of development

Branding and Communication Effective branding strategy and communication methods to position the school.

Teacher Training Training program that covers the philosophy, methodology and materials.

Knowledge Application Linking the curriculum, materials and teacher’s role while working with children.

Administrative Tools Smart design templates to run the preschool successfully.

Scientifically Designed Materials
Educational aids that are designed to meet the learning objectives of the curriculum


I have been involved with Hello Kids Vibha for the last two years and I have chosen to be a part of it because I always enjoyed interacting with kids, help them grasp new concepts and acquire new skills. I believe that Hello Kids Vibha provides a proper environment for student and teacher development. It also provides me an opportunity to be more creative, so that the concepts taught in the class will be easily understood by the kids. I feel extremely supported by the staff, and also feel confident as they have given me room to grow as an educator. It feels great to be a part of a group which makes sure that the kids are getting the best quality of education.

Learning Material   

Moving away from conventional methods to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum

Scientifically designed materials with specific learning objectives
Materials selected through a logical process to adhere to Hello Kidz philosophy
Learning through a process of exploration and discovery
More than 180 materials mapped with Hello Kids educational objective.

Teacher Training

Enabling teachers to implement the curriculum through comprehensive training

Intensive training conducted by academic experts
Hands-on activities with all the educational materials used in the preschool.
Software module with training videos.

Child assessment

A differentiated outlook on child assessment to perfectly complement the curriculum
Observation, recording and assessments to ensure that every child meets the development objectives
Assessment software with built-in benchmarks and other algorithms that provide insights into the child’s progress, the child’s progress,interests and strengths
Providing a foundation for constructive feedback for the parents on the overall development of the child.

Academic Support

Expert team to guide the customer to implement the curriculum

Technical support for effective use of software and Learning Management System (Learning content, material presentation videos, assessment, creating and managing children records)
Online expert sessions to reinforce all concepts of curriculum
Teacher mentoring to streamline the day-to-day operations of the preschool
Newsletters on latest trends of early childhood education sector and updates from Hello Kidz community.

WHY US ???

We are the 1St and largest preschool in India.
Our Fantasy is providing the Quality education to little soldiers.
We are offering the International standards & well examined Study Material at a reasonable fees.
Co- Ordination fun full to identifying the skills communicating and Body Language, need to independency.